Jamaican Festival Song Competition Since 1966

Jamaicans across the world have enjoyed, celebrated and danced to the rhythms of festival songs since 1966. From “What a Bam Bam,” to “Cherio Baby” or “This is the Land of my Birth;” To name a few crowd favorites from all the winners over the years.

Festival songs bring out a certain kind of pride and joy that launches us into the. Independence season. I am excited each year as July rolls around and artists unveil their songs. You can always depend on extra creativity and originality as songs vie for the top spot.

This year a few new elements have been added to further enhance the competition:

Mainstream artists are part of the lineup. Previously, the festival competition focused on the freshness and enthusiasm of up and coming singers. It’s nice to see the veterans contributing a song and adding to the festivities this year.

The Jamaica Diaspora can vote! Up to last year, the Diaspora was apprised of the winner generally and the other contestants were mostly unknown to us. This is a great development, I have already voted!

Lastly, for the first time, all the songs are available for purchase on all the streaming services! Spotify, Amazon, Itunes etc, see links below. So Jamaica and the Artists can gain even more popularity for their original work, and people around the globe get access to another form of the pride of Jamaica. After all, this is the home of dancehall, reggae, roots & culture.

This year, I must tell you, I have found another way to appreciate my culture and heritage. I feel ecstatic when I hear how “Jamaica Nice,” and “Jamaica A Paradise,” and it’s the “Place to Be.” That we need to “Wave Di Flag”, “Tun up di Sound” and do the “Jamaica Dance” or “Rise Up Jamaicans. “ And I like the reminders that: “We are Jamaica”, “One People” and anywhere in the world I go “I am a Jamaican.

So get in the FESTIVAL spirit, wear your COLORS, purchase the ALBUM, VOTE, join the EXCITEMENT! Because a suh we dweet!!!

Leo (Proud Jamaican)

Chairman, JDTAN


Social Broadcaster, Writer, Philanthropist, Journalist, and Entrepeneneur